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Many people, especially in Africa will scream: “Who is that correcting the Bible”? “The Bible”? “Correcting the Bible”? “Who is that devil correcting the Bible”? While many of these people do not read the Bible regularly, some have however, read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation more than once yet felt okay and are ready to go to heaven even when a lot of mysteries, a lot of questions loom and remain unanswered.

Imagine God that is perfect and has no contradictions in him at all watching people who claim to love and represent him step over or side-step the inconsistencies, the contradictions, the double speaks in the Bible without showing concerns! Even if they could not correct the errors in the Bible (as no one can except he is divinely appointed), they could have felt concerned and figured out instantly that the last had not been heard of the matter as when 1 John 1:5 said God is the dispenser of the boundless light in whom is no darkness at all, that is exactly who God is and his Holy book must be clear, concise and without a shadow of contradictions or double speak. Anyone who believes and trusts the supposedly book of God with its many errors more than God himself has not taken God’s project serious the way he takes his and he or she has a lot to answer to.

God is perfect but your Bible says in Genesis 6:5-7 that he is not perfect for he makes mistakes and repents and you did not realise there and then that something had terribly gone wrong???


1. Do you know that one of the major reasons why the true knowledge of God is not yet in the earth is what Lucifer did to the Bible?

2. Do you know that the Bible as it presently is, is not a true representation of the Word of God?

3. Do you know that what we know as the Bible today came into existence after the death of our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ and after the death of the 6th Angel of the 6th Church age? For details of the Angels of the Church ages see:

4. Do you know that what existed before then were scrolls and those who gathered some accounts in the scrolls they deemed necessary to form the Bible were not appointed by God?

5. Do you know that accounts of some events in the Bible are not exactly as they are reported?

6. Do you know that our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ spoke about the genesis of the adultration of the Bible and those that would cause the adultration when he said to the twelve Apostles in John 6:12
“Pick the fragments so that nothing is lost”?

7. Do you know that if God is not a God of double speak and a God of contradictions then the present Bible that is full of contradictions cannot in all its entirety represent the teachings of God?

8. Do you know that when our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ said in John 6:12, “Pick up the fragments so that none is wasted, he did not say “Pick up the fragments so that the environment is not made dirty”?

What were in fragments of bread and fishes that fell on grass that mixed with grass and sand that should not be allowed to waste?

9. Do you know that when our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ fed about 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes, the people sat on grass and the fragments fell on grass and sand?

10. Do you know that in feeding about 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes whose fragments fell in several places, our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ was telling the people that he was the same God that fed their fore-fathers in the wilderness with Manna & Quails; Manna representing bread and Quails representing fishes and these Manna and Quails fell here and there in the wilderness?

11. Do you know that the way the fragments fell here and there, some falling on grass, some falling on sand, some falling on both grass and sand while many were mixed with saliva was the same way our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ’s many teachings, His many prophecies, His many miracles, His many parables that where scattered here and there in scrolls and where mixed up and that it was the job of the twelve Apostles to gather these fragments together each one complete and sufficient to sustain his tribe by doing the work it was programmed to do and this means that it was originally the job of the twelve Apostles to pick up the fragments of His teachings, His prophecies, His miracles, His parables that were all over the place in scrolls and stitch them up together appropriately without the sand and grass to produce the Bible but our Supreme Lord (His Pre-eminence) knew that the Apostles would be martyred and others NOT appointed by Him, would take up the job of gathering the fragments and would do a poor job of stitching the fragments together as they would stitch the fragments with sand, grass and all?

12. Did you notice that when the Apostles picked the fragments of the five loaves of bread and two fishes, there were twelves baskets full, each basket for a tribe (the twelve tribes of Israel)?

13. An example can be found in the poor job of stitching the fragments of Matthew 24 done by those who formed the Bible. Read the poor stitching of the fragments of Matt 24 in your Bible and compare with the perfect stitches of the fragments of Matt 24 done by the one appointed by our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Obinna J. Alexander in this link:

14. You may want to ask: “but where is it written that Prophet Obinna J. Alexander is the one appointed to pick the fragments and stitch them appropriately”?

15. Do you know that our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ spoke about what would happen to the Word of God as would be represented by the Bible over the years in a vision shown to Apostle John the Beloved in Rev 10:3-6?

16. Do you know that what the seven thunders uttered but Apostle John was not allowed to write in Rev 10:3-6 because it was censored was actually the Bible that spoke? The Bible spoke about its journey through the orbits of its destiny where the Bible was battered until it was left dead and it was in this state that the 7th Angel of the 7th Church age met it, took compassion on it and is today nursing him into good health.

Prophet Obinna is the “Good Samaritan” in the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37 and the Bible was the traveller that was ambushed on his way to Jericho by papacy (papasi) who crucified the bridegroom of the Church (our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ) and hijacked the bride (the Church).

17. Do you know that those censored utterances of the seven thunders in Rev 10:3-6 have been uncensored in Rev 10:7 because the voice of the seventh Angel, Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander is already sounding? For details, get the message in DVD or AUDIO by Prophet Jude titled: “The Uncensored Utterances of the Seven Thunders” from our e-store Snippets can also be seen in this thread:

18. Do you know that our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ also spoke about what would happen to the Scriptures (the Bible) in the period of the greatest apostacy in the earth history in the continuation of the vision shown to Apostle John the Beloved this time in Rev 11:1-11?

19. Do you know that the Scriptures were established by God (our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ) in the two tablet stones he gave to the Law, Moses?

20. Do you know that God is the original author of the Scriptures because the ten Commandments on the two tablet stones were written by him?

21. Do you know that the two tablet stones which typify the Scriptures from where the Bible got its name (Bi blia) is typified by the Law & the Prophet?

22. Do you know that the Word of God is not complete without the two arms (the Law & the Prophet) present? For details, see “The Kingdom Authority”: See also “the Law is our School Master”:

23. Do you know that the personification of the Law & the Prophet is Moses & Elijah?

24. Do you know that Moses & Elijah are the Two Witnesses or the Two Olive Trees?

25. Do you know that when the two Witnesses were killed in Rev 11:7 was when the Bible was killed by the various translations /translitrations / suggestive interpretations / versions done on the Bible to the extent that a highly spiritual book of a most highly spiritual God was at a time reduced to a version called “the literal Bible”?

26. Do you know that interpreting the Bible without the knowledge of Adumbration & Similitudes is giving canal and literal interpretation of the Bible? For details, see the mystery of the apokalupsis:

27. Do you know that the Bible was lying in this killed state in the street spiritually called Sodom (Churches of Sodomy) and Egypt (the various libraries, schools, bookshops of the world) and this was why the true knowledge of God and the knowledge of the plan of salvation was absent on earth? Rev 11:8.

Egypt is in the similitude of the world while Sodom is one of the three camps/cities the world is divided into in Rev 16:19; the other two being Egypt and Zion. There is Sodom for those who say they are Christians but are not children of the kingdom, there is Egypt for those who are not children of the kingdom and don’t pretend to be Christians then there is Zion for the children of the kingdom.

Egypt plus Sodom = Babylon.

28. Do you know that our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ being crucified in Sodom and Egypt as Rev 11:8 suggests is not to be taken literally as he was neither crucified in the country Sodom nor in the country Egypt?

29. Do you know that our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ being crucified in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt means he was condemned and crucified by Sodom (the Church of Sodomy then represented by the Jewish religious leaders) and Egypt (political leaders of the world represented by the Roman government)?

30. Do you know that Rev 11:9 saying that those from the people, tribes, tongues, nations will see their dead bodies three-and-a-half days and not their dead bodies to be put in graves means that the whole of humanity in the period of apostacy (between when the Apostles were martyred and December 31st 2010) would see and have the killed Bible with them but the Bible could not totally be discarded because of its holy nature?

Three days and half, three years and half, forty two months, a thousand two hundred and sixty days all mean one thing – the esoteric form for the period of apostacy – a period of time when the source of revelations is cut off and there are no revelations or revelations-based teachings – a period of spiritual famine when there are no rains for the spiritual crops to do well. For details see

31. Do you know that Rev 11:10 talking about those who dwell on the earth rejoicing over the two Witnesses, making merry and sending gifts to one another because these two Prophets (Moses & Elijah) who tormented them were no more, means that the Supreme Lord’s vineyard became an all comers field where anyone including women could pick up the Bible and found his/her own Church not knowing that there are rules of engagement; even the occult picked up the Bible and started teaching heresies and from their brain knowledge?

Teachings like Christ is the end of the law, a Christian cannot sin because they are in the season of grace held sway. They clicked glasses, made merry and sent gifts to one another. They invited one another to their churches to preach and raise money for a percentage fee because they figured that the two Witnesses who were their tormentors had been silenced.

32. Do you know that Rev 11:11 saying that after three-and-a-half days, the breadth of life from God entered them (the Law & the Prophet) and they stood on their feet and great fear fell on those who saw them is talking about the kingdom authority (the Law & the Prophet) who is now represented by the third and last Elijah who is the leader of the last and seventh age of the Church, Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander being asked by God to launch his ministry and begin the corrections of the Bible and nursing the Bible to good health on the 11/11 (01/01/011) corresponding with Rev 11:11? Today, great fear has overwhelmed the false preachers all over the world who have been hearing of this great Prophet for their days of torment are here again. For those who have not heard of this great Prophet, it is just a matter of time.

Rev 11:11 was where the code for the day the third Elijah emerged on earth was locked which was on the 1st of January 2011 (01/01/011).

33. Do you now see that the third Elijah must first remove these errors from the Bible then interpret the Bible before we can understand what the project of the plan of salvation is all about? This means that we must come under the ministrations of this Prophet of the highest order to take spiritual courses before we can understand the matter on ground.

The many corrections of errors in the Bible by Prophet Obinna J. Alexander can be seen in several editions of “”Scale Drops” – The Key to the Knowledge of the Truth”” by visiting our online store

An example of what you can find in “Scale Drops” is a speech credited to our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ that is capable of discouraging the dumping of the Bible and Christianity altogether while in the same process increasing the membership of humanism, atheism, secret and occult societies is in Luke 14:26.

Luke 14:26 KJV

“If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple”.

This was the work of the agents of Lucifer who hijacked the Church after killing the husband of the Church and turned around pretending to be preaching the very same message they killed the bridegroom of the Church for. If papacy (papasi) was truly the vicar of God they would have revealed and corrected the horrendous errors in the Bible. Now you can’t correct the errors in the Bible if God does not speak to you for you to know what God actually said and what to substitute the errors with.

Luke 14:26 KJV contradicts John 13:34 that says “love one another..”, contradicts Exodus 20:12 that says “Honor thy father and thy mother…”, also contradicts Leviticus 19:18 that says among other things: “Love thy neighbor as thyself…”.

This is what God said in Luke 14:26 as revealed to the 7th Angel of the 7th Church age, Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander:

“If any man having come to me, having known me, preferred not me to his biological father or mother, matrimonial husband or wife, children, brothers, sisters including this world’s perishable riches, he cannot be my worthy disciple”.

Another example of an epochal correction of a Bible passage in “Scale Drops” that threw the body of Christ into confusion for ages that was revealed to the third Elijah by the Most Holy Spirit is Deuteronomy 22:5. This passage was for ages misinterpreted to mean that women should not put on male garments like trousers and today, female evangelists in Africa who go out on evangelism in trousers are frowned at by society.

Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”. INCORRECT.


Although this Scripture makes literal sense for moral values, this does not make any spiritual sense. God using the word “ABOMINATION” is proof that there is much more to it. This rather, refers to the thwarting of ones original feature/nature by him/ herself.

The correct rendering therefore is thus:

“A woman shall not transgender, implant, supplant nor put on the hormone of other gender; neither shall a man put on that of the woman’s gender for whosoever doeth these things is abomination unto Jehovah thy God”. CORRECT!

Jesus Christ, the Lord God is the Supreme President & Founder of the Ark.

Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander is the prophet of this dispensation. He is the seventh angel of the Church as appointed by Jesus Christ, The Supreme Lord and bride groom of the Church.

This is the very Lost Sheep of the house of Judah and Israel of whom was spoken in the Law and the Prophet, Who also the Lord commissioned Peter, the sixth angel and head apostle, including other apostles to look for that “another voice” in the revelation given to John in the island of Patmos. Rev 18:4.

The fore-runner and usher of the second coming of Jesus Christ – His Pre-Eminence (HPE). The last runner with the wine introduced at last. The third Elijah- The Sheep in the lion’s den. He has the message for Transfiguration – The Gospel of immortality and incorruptibility.


– Setting again the altar of God which the prophets of baal threw down.

– Making eternal corrections of misinterpreted messages due to apostacy.

– Perfectly breaking down the apokalupsis (Rev. 10:7).

– Unleashing accurate interpretation of the LOGOS.

– The repairer of the breach.

– The re-builder of the Jerusalem temple brought down by Roman government.

Our Supreme Lord, referring to him, called him the Good Samaritan.

– Redeeming the names of the blasphemed,

– Turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

– Blotting away the marks and scars of apostacy.

– Removing every blemish, spot, wrinkle or any such thing.

– Collapsing Babylon – the entire Kingdoms of Satan.

There are four Arch-Angels. They were given charge concerning this Church of the first born. Each Arch-Angel is a warlord, leading fifty million other angels. Their names are Arch-Angels Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel; each has his distinguished field and office respectively.

Come into the Ark of safety, where no plague is, for your spiritual upbringing and blossom. The Ark is the original Church of the Saints – one built according to the heavenly original.

The vision of the Ark – the only true Church, was shown to Apostle Peter in Joppa (Acts 11:5-10), even though he could not decipher and assimilate it then.

The messages of Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander can be gotten from our online store:

…the Ark is Here again!!!

The author, Pastor Excel Chukwuka-Dibie as one of the echoes of the voice of the 7th Trump, is the Pastor of Ark of Jesus Ministries International, Lekki branch, Lagos Nigeria and can be reached at

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